Who am I really?
How do I fit in?
What is my path?
Am I happy?
Why do I feel like this?

These are questions that we all ask ourselves. Maybe you are ready to change things? Allow me to join you on your journey to self-discovery and find the I am in life. Let your life unfold with ease, joy and glory.
Tom is a medium, healer,
mentor and life coach,
guiding you to reach
your full potential.
How can I help?

During life I have experienced many things, good and bad, addiction, loss of loved ones, financial loss, breakdown and breakup. Today I am grateful for all these lessons, because they have made me who I am. The past is history, the future is a mystery and today is your present (gift!), so begin to enjoy it. I have been very blessed to learn this. Today, I am. I would be honoured to guide you so that you may begin the exciting journey of self discovery and reach your full potential.

Through our lives we have been conditioned by people, education, religion, goverments and many more. They've told us who we should be, what we should achive and how to fit in to everything around us. But is that really what we want? The answers to all these questions are in our knowing already, but have been lost through agreements made with others. With help, however, you can recover your inner self.
Having trained as a Reiki Master, I am blessed with the ability to channel energy, as practiced all over Asia and the rest of the World. Reiki is a household name now, although it was kept to Masters at one time. Energy can get blocked with hurt and sickness and these can be unblocked.
In each of us there are seven main chakras and many minor ones that can circulate life-giving energy around the body. These can close or remain open at times, causing upset in the physical body. These can be balanced by Reiki, Crystals, Meditation, Visualisation, Frequency, Vibration and more. I can help you with this.
I am honoured and blessed to know Linda as my tutor and as a friend. Linda is a medium of high reknown and has done great work with the spiritualist movement in the UK. Linda has given me permission to work her technique of visualisations. These, and the follow up work, are great for healing hurts that our bodies do not want us to ackknowledge, such as abuse.
The Bars is a body process for dynamic change, which involves touching 32 points on the head. This begins to clear all the limitations we have about areas of your life. At its best, the Bars technique can change your life (and at the very least, you'll walk away feeling relaxed after a great head massage).
Having been lucky enough to spend time doing 14 courses at the famous Arthur Finlay College in Stanstead England, the world's foremost college on Psychic and Spirit awareness, I have been blessed to be tutored by some wonderful and loving tutors in Mediumship and Healing there. This is why I am able to understand most situations and help you find answers.
As my introduction says, we are all Spiritual Beings having a human experience, and I am not any more spiritual than you are. But I do know that I walk a spiritual path today and if you feel disconnected or lost, I can offer you guidance to get you back onto your true path, and help you to reconnect with a God, Higher Power or a Universal Energy. Whatever your understanding of this is and regardless of any faith system you do or do not belong to (I am non-denominational), I listen and help based on my own experience.
I offer various card readings, Angel, Earth, Iching and Runes. Whilst I hope to give you an accurate reading, all are currently experimental based on my connection with energies and your openess to what is given. I offer fair prices.
These are very personal things, and talked about in person. It stops prejudices.
Having worked, and continue to work the 12-step programme as best as I am able, I can offer guidance on various addictions or a change in direction. As with any self-help programme, I cannot do it for you, but I can suggest things that helped me.
We all feel that there is someone or something there around us. Whether it is there to lead us on our right path or guide us otherwise, it is still there. Through meditation and visualisation we can open our imagination again to what is.
We all have limited beliefs. Both positive and negative that help or hinder our lives. With NLP I can help you to find you're negative patterns and behaviors that limit you're life. I try to use positive suggestion's to aid you to move forward. Sometimes this may feel confronting and that is good as by connecting with the feelings at that moment we can release the programming that no longer serves you.